Welcome to Little Lakes Cellars bottled in beautiful Napa County, California.


As childhood friends vacationing together out on the lake, we dreamed of growing up and doing something
we loved and could share with others. It wasn’t until long into adulthood, with careers, marriages and
children of our own that we revisited our childhood ambitions.

We discovered that although we both led busy lives, we felt certain we could make our dream a reality.
The one strong passion we both had was for finding good wine at great prices. 
We decided this was that “something” we could do together and share it with others of a like mind. 
What started as a small business venture between two friends has turned into a full-time winemaking partnership.

Exceeding our wildest dreams, we’ve been able to work alongside some of todays best winemakers
to create outstanding wines that we can share with you, our customers, at fantastic prices.
Because of you, our childhood dream of doing something we love and could share with others has become a reality. 
And now… we lift our glass to you and your dreams!